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Take a look at our new products that we launched in 2018:

– Eryise™ by Merck, the new dynamic insulating solar control glass

– Skyforce®, our window new glass railing with EVA laminated glass

– Waveline® Fluid from Saint Gobain Glass, the new innovative patterned glass


We wanted to present you a retrospective of our most beautiful achievements of 2018:


Our achievements of 2018:

Our new Window Glass Railing Skyforce®

SKYFORCE® est un nouveau garde-corps pour fenêtre au design classique et intemporel. Cette solution est pratiquement invisible, très facile à monter et protège des risques de chutes dans le vide.

SKYFORCE® is a new Glass Railing made for windows with a classic and timeless design. This solution is almost invisible, very easy to build, it ensures the safety of its users and prevents them from falling through it.

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Glass frontage made of Classica® Laminated Glass with a reflective side

Achievement made of toughened laminated glass 88.3 HST from our Classica product range.

880 glass stipes of 2900 x 140 mm were put on a reflective side.


Glass Railings installed at the Joseph Cattin’s House. 

Our client chose our complete solution of Glass Balustrade GARDA A which includes both the glazing and the *Sabco® de Sadev profile fixing system.

This achievement was carried out with Classica toughened laminated glass assembled with an EVA hydrophobic film.

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Installation of Glass Railings within a public building in Commercy

We carried out three achievements during this project:

  • Glass railings measuring 110 linear meters made of Toughened Laminated Glass 10.10/3 of our product range GARDA AY on a metal structure and GARDA A on silt tube.
  • Glass railings measuring 20 linear meters made of Toughened Laminated Glass 10.10/3 of our product range GARDA FE  were built in the ground.
  • Lastly, the doors of this building’s locker room were manufactured with toughened laminated glass 55.3 of the Colora Lacquered Glass product range, with its fixing system.

Fixing system: *Sabco® profiles  from Sadev

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Glass partition made of Metalica Laminated Glass (Residence First in Metz)

This glass partition manufactured with Extra-Clear Toughened Laminated Glass with a Mesh 11 Aluminium interlayer.

Metalica laminated glasses® are Evasafe® laminated glass with metallized films.

Glass railings for a panoramic view while remaining safe

Glass railings made of hydrophobic EVA toughened laminated glass were installed in low profile thanks to our GARDA A solution with *Sabco® profiles from Sadev. 

Glass Railing placed on slab thanks to our GARDA F solution with *Sabco® profiles from Sadev. 

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*SABCO is a is a registered trademark by SB INGENIERIE (SADEV)