• Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic

    Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic, thermochromic Glass

    Simple, dynamic, maintenance-free

    pilington dynamic control glass

    Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic is a smart and simple solution for your dynamic solar protection. Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic is a thermochromic safety laminated glass that adapts to changing sun conditions depending on the season.

    In comparison with other dynamic glass technologies, you don’t have to adjust the glass’ tint according to the sun radiation intensity.

    Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic does it for you!

    The glass’ tint gets dark with a heat contact without any electrical connection.

    This glass only works with direct sunlight, it regulates the luminosity and the solar protection of your room perfectly at any time of the day.

    Thanks to its dynamic tint, this glass always guarantees a clear view without distortion.


    Pilkington SUNCOOL™ Dynamic is the best solution for your facades, windows, verandas, glass roofs or roof windows.

    This glass placed on tertiary buildings will insure an automatic thermal regulation.

    thermochromic dynamic solar control glass

    Technical data 

    pilkington dynamic sun control laminated glass

    These data relate to European standards, according to EN 410 and EN 673.

    Availabilities :

    Only with standard measures

    Thickness :

    Standard : 9,2 mm

    Measures :

    Max. 1650 x 3200 mm

  • Eyrise™ by Merk, Dynamic insulating solar control glass

    Eyrise™ by Merk, Dynamic insulating solar control glass

    intelligent glass solar control glass

    The  EYRISE™ Dynamic solar control Glass provides you with a perfect visual and thermal comfort. This innovation glass regulates natural light in your environment in only 1 second. 

    At the touch on a button, 

    EYRISE™ adjusts precisely your window’s tint and improve significantly your well-being.

    An effective thermal insulation

    eyrise dynamic solar control glass

    Eyrise™ offers a made to measure thermal comfort and regulates instantly the temperature and the heat input of your environment. It offers an excellent thermal insulation from heat and cold.

    eyrise solar control glass

    A visual comfort in only 1 second

    This glazing adapts itself continuously to the solar radiation intensity and gives its users a good shadow and the perfect amount of light.

    This unique attribute creates an instant shadow without jeopardizing natural light. This glass gets darker in only 1 second and offers a glare and heat protection.

    Its neutral tint gives you a perfect visibility to your exterior environment.

    An architectural asset

    Eyrise is both simple to use and effective. It makes the installation of sun shading or awning useless and meets requirements of modern and traditional architecture. It’s the perfect combination between aestheticism and functionality.

    Creative people will also appreciate the creative freedom offered by this glass that allows you to choose between a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors.

    An evironmentally friendly solution

    Energy savings

    At the touch on a button, Eyrise™ allows yo reduce energy requirements significantly.

    This glass offers a made to measure thermal comfort and regulates instantly the temperature and the heat input of your environment.

    This system reduces heat, light and air-conditioning energy expenditures.

    double glazing solar control glass


    The EYRISE™ Dynamic solar control Glass makes your facade’s design more refined and it helps you gain some space by making the installation of sun shading or awning useless.

    Maintenance costs reduction

    By not having any sun shading or awning, the Eyrise™ glass allows to reduce maintenance costs.

    Technical information

    • Min size : 405 x 410 mm
    • Max size : 1600 x 3505 m
    • Ug value : less than 0,5W/m²
    • Transformation time : 1 sec.
    • Neutral or colored tints




    Electric specifications and standards

    • Electric consumption: around 1W/m²
    • Driver: 48 V, up to 8 glasses by driver
    • KNX Interface to pilot drivers
    • Glass connection: max. 30 m cable between glass and driver
    • Standards:
      • EN ISO 12543 laminated glass and safety laminated glass
      • EN ISO 1279 insulating glass
    • Safety requirement: 1B1 class according to EN 12600

    Eyrise glass performances

    solar control glass