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Our METALICA® range is made of laminated glasses with EVA films and metallized interlayers offering different metallic effects.

The METALICA® range is available in several types of glass. Discover Metalica® Mesh, Dichroic P, Dichroic C and SeenGlass laminated glasses.

Our different ranges of METALICA® laminated glasses

Metalica® Mesh

The METALICA® MESH range creates an aesthetic effect and offers high light transmission. The translucency of the mesh allows light to pass through while partially obscuring the view. These glasses can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Metalica® Dichroic P

METALICA® Dichroic P laminated glass incorporates a polyester film that changes color according to your viewing angle.
It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Only available in blue/pink.

Metalica® Dichroic C

METALICA® DICHROIC C glasses are coated with metal oxides in thin, hard layers. The combination of layers provides different colors, depending on reflection and transmission conditions, and also on the viewing angle. This futuristic-looking glass was previously only available with a dichroic film. Thanks to an ingenious manufacturing process, it is now available as a single glass. It’s a transparent glass with a changing colored reflection.

There are 3 different versions:

  • DICHROIC C1 : Blue / Orange
  • DICHROIC C2 : Yellow / Blue
  • DICHROIC C3 : Pink / Green

METALICA® DICHROIC C glass can be tempered and/or laminated. As a result, this glass can suit all your glass applications. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, as well as in public or private spaces. Its metal oxide coating provides optimum resistance and sustainability over time.

Standard dimensions are from 2440 x 1220 mm to 3300 x 2440 mm. Download the METALICA® Dichroic C technical data sheet for reflection and light transmission.

Metalica SeenGLASS

METALICA® SeenGLASS is a safety, decorative and innovative laminated glass with a metallic coating. Materials such as aluminium or metallic gold are dropped on the film between the two glass plates (mirror, semi-reflective or satin).

The choice of geometric patterns is either standard or free thanks to your vectorized files, depending on the technical specifications. They can be combined, giving you the choice of shape, size, colour and metal.


  • Glass sun-shading
  • Glass partition and interior door
  • Shower screen
  • Glass railing
  • Furniture
  • Glass signage

Material library

Bronze Mesh

Aluminium Mesh

Intense Copper Mesh

Mineral Spring Mesh

Champagne Mesh

Golden Mesh

Mesh 1 to 3

Metalica® Dichroic C

Download the technical data sheet of the METALICA® Dichroic C glasses to find out more about reflection and light transmission.

Metalica® Dichroic P

Metalica SeenGLASS