Our Metalica range is made of laminated glasses with EVA films and metallized interlayers.

The Metalica range is divided into four collections :

Metalica – Mesh

High-tech meshes providing excellent aesthetic effect and high light transmission. Four interlayer mesh widths are available.

Metalica – Metallic Film

Wide range of interlayers with metallized appearance to create various products: tables, stairs, doors, partitions.

Metalica – Dichroic

This color of this glass is changing depending on your viewing angle and changes through the various shades of the rainbow – it is an innovative glass with a new aesthetic effect – this glass may be installed indoor or outdoor.

Metalica Gold / Silver

Laminated glass with special gold or silver fibre interlayers.

  • interior partition wall
  • glass stairs made of decorative glass, glass staircase
  • decorative laminated glass frontage

Material library

Metalica – Dichroic

Metalica – Marble

Metalica – Mesh