A glass partition for more light …

A glass partition is used to separate two rooms while bringing more natural light into a dark space.

Righetti manufactures your glass partition with laminated glass. It is also possible to use toughened glass to improve its resistance.

We are able to offer you standard as well as tailor made transparent, opaque or diffusing glass partitions.

  • Switchable glass partition
  • Interior glass partition
  • Decorative glass partition
  • interior partition wall
  • lacquered glass partition in a public place
  • decorative glass partition
  • glass partition made of color laminated glass

Tailor Made Production

It is possible to customize your glass partition by inserting decorative materials, colors, pictures, fabrics, Japanese papers or LEDs beween two glass sheets. Discover our Decorative Glass ranges.

The Inova decorative laminated glass with a liquid crystal interlayer allows you to create a switchable glass partition. The electric current makes this Intelligent Glass change from an opaque to a transparent state.

We adapt our glass partitions according to all types of architectural structures.

Technical information

  • The glass partition can be transparent, diffusing or opaque
  • Standard or tailor made production
  • Wide material interlayer range
  • Thickness calculation according to DTU39
  • Glass partition available in large dimensions
  • Our glasses are suitable with a variety of structures