Glass Floor in decorative laminated glass

Having a glass floor tile is the latest decorative trend. This is a good and easy way to bring natural light in the lower section of a house.

A glass floor can also bring a nice and elegant touch to all your rooms.

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A tailor made production

Righetti produces glass tiles with triple toughened laminated glass for a better resistance so that the glass can hold heavy loads.

It is also possible to customize your glass floor by inserting decorative interlayers in it such as images, colours, colour gradients, graphic patterns or metallized interlayers.  Possibilities are endless thanks to our Decorative Laminated Glass range!

Righetti adapts itself to your needs and produces classic or custom-made glass tiles for an indoor or outdoor use.


Technical information

  • This glass is meeting the CSTB stadard (Scientific and Technical Building Center) 3448. This is the only standard recognized in this field.
  • Triple toughened laminated glass
  • Non-slip treatment possible
  • Seals seat and installation accessories provided
  • Our glass floor is made of clear, extra-clear, transparent or opal glass