Glass Railings: Fixing systems adapted to your needs

The glass railing is a safety barrier that is becoming increasingly popular.

It is above all a protective handrail which is protecting its users from possible falls.

A glass railing has various applications:

  • Safety glass barrier for swimming pool and patio
  • Glass Balcony Balustrade
  • Glass staircase Rake
  • Safety guardrail for landing or mezzanine.

In addition to our glass railing on profiles range, Righetti also offers you a range of glass railings adapted to your needs: point fixing, clamp fixing, lateral profile fixing, framed on each side, with posts, etc…

Our laminated glasses are assembled with an EVA interlayer film. This film owns hydrophobic characteristics and provides the glass with a high moisture resistance.

  • opale glass railing
    Posts mounted glass railing
  • glass railing for window
    Skyforce® glass railing
  • specific glass railing
    Specific glass railing
  • glass railing with points fixing system
    Glass railing with points fixing system
  • glass railing system
    Glass railing with clamps

SKYFORCE® : Glass Railing with side profile

skyforce window glass railingDiscover SKYFORCE®, our New Invisible Solution! 

SKYFORCE® is a new Glass Railing made for windows with a classic and timeless design. This solution is almost invisible, very easy to build, it ensures the safety of its users and prevents them from falling through it.

Skyforce® is compatible with any types of profiles. It is suitable for an assembly directly on a window frame or on the wall.

This new glass railing system includes an EVA laminated glass, which is hydrophobic and do not present any risk of delamination over time.

Glass-Railing with Points Fixing

glass railing points fixing system

This solution is made of laminated glass with a points fixing system.

These points are made of stainless steel that measure 50mm diameter.

This Glass Railing with Points Fixing System is suitable for a private or public use.

Specific Glass Railing System

specific fixing system glass railing


We can also offer you a specific glass railing system that adapts itself perfectly to your available space with any type of structure.

The specific glass railing system is only suiable for a private use.

We can offer you an appropriate fixing system according to your needs with a high or low profile, with clamps, points fixing, etc…

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