Our Colora range is made out of laminated glasses with EVA films and colored or picture interlayers.

It is now possible to get a customized laminated glass by choosing between 150 different solid or gradient color interlayers in your decorative laminated glass. You can also choose personal picture interlayers or chose a picture from our photo library. There are no limits to your creativity!

Our Colora range includes:

Colora – Vanceva®

decorative laminated glass bespoke colored laminated glassOur laminated glass Colora Vanceva® is the perfect choice if you want to use glass as a raw material for your project.

In fact, this laminated glass offers a wide range of colors and shades that are not available for basic glass products.

8 basic colors are available, they can also be completed with 6 intense colors such as red, blue, orange, white, grey or black. You can get customized shades by combining up to 4 different interlayers and create over 1 000 different colors with a transparent, translucent or opaque finish.





This laminated glass can be applied as:

  • Facades
  • Walls, curtains
  • Partition between desks
  • Conference rooms
  • Glass-railings
  • Glass floors…

Colora – Plain

Color interlayers with the color or your choice.

Colora – Image

decorative-laminated-glass-picture-interlayerThe Colora Image laminated glass range includes a digital printing.

It’s a glass with high definition digital printing interlayers between two glass sheets.

This technic allows you to customize your glass by inserting a logo, a drawing, a picture or a pattern interlayer.

For more inspiration, feel free to take a look at our gallery!





Technical information

  • For pictures: XXL or XL size
  • For personal pictures: 300 dpi and ¼ scale
  • This glass can be partially or entirely printed
  • Printing is possible on any type of glass: clear glass, extra-clear-glass, lacquered glass…
  • This glass can be put together with insulating glass for an outdoor use


Thanks to our manufacturing processes, our glasses can be used inside or outside.

  • In offices and work areas: logo or slogan printing on doors and partition walls.
  • In shops: printing for a counter or a facing wall
  • In private locations: a picture brings a nice touch to your workbench or your kitchen splashback, a wall covering for your living room, etc.
  • Outdoor: Colora Image laminated Glass is suitable for doors, facades or glass railings.

Material library

Colora glasses are EVA laminated glasses with colored or picture interlayers.

Colora – Image

Here are a few examples of pictures that were recently printed from our wide database that we can print with a transparent, a diffused aspect or with an opaque background.