Stairs made of decorative laminated glass

Glass is the best option to bring more natural light! Glass stairs can create a new luminous and original space in your house. This is an eye-catching element that creates a modern look and clean lines.

By using materials from the latest technologies, Righetti wants to respect perfectly all architectural requirements and security standards.

Whether you want a straight, a half or a spiral staircase, all our Glass Stairs are made-to-measure.

Righetti produces Glass Staircases made of triple laminated toughened glass to guarantee a high resistance to hold the weight of itself and the people walking on it.

Righetti is also manufacturing decorative Glass Stairs to customize your home. In fact, we can incorporate different decorative materials, metallic films as well as LEDs lighting between glass sheets.

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Technical information

  • All our achievements are meeting the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center) 3448. This is the only standard recognized in this field.
  • Triple toughened laminated glass
  • Our glass floor is made of clear, extra-clear, transparent or opal glass
  • Straight or curved glass stairs
  • Possibility to put stainless steel inserts
  • Non-slip treatment possible