The smart glazing market sees the arrival of INOVA® Reverse Laminated Glass. This innovative glass is the perfect answer to the challenges of contemporary architecture and construction. It improves the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing lighting and air-conditioning requirements.

This innovative opacifying glass, unlike INOVA® Switchable Laminated Glass, automatically switches from transparent (OFF) to opaque (ON).

This controlled-opacity glazing is an EVA laminated glass that is produced with a liquid-crystal polyester film between the two glass pieces.

opacifying laminated glass
Controlled-opacity glazing for a meeting room

How it works

This glass can be controlled using a switch, a remote control (optional), or your phone via Wi-Fi (optional).

The electric current through the film between the two glasses changes the glazing from opaque to transparent for more privacy and intimacy. When the current is cut, the glass returns to its original opaque state.


INOVA® Reverse laminated glass is the perfect glass for managing privacy and visibility between several spaces, in private or public areas.

It offers numerous advantages:

  • Instant reversibility: smooth, rapid and silent change of state.
  • Energy efficiency: reduced lighting and air-conditioning requirements.
  • Low power consumption: a consumption of 5 watts/m² in ON mode.
  • UV protection
  • Modern shading: no need to install curtains or blinds.
  • Remote control or Wi-Fi (optional)


  • Interior partitions : ideal for meeting rooms, offices or private areas such as bathrooms
  • Glass floors
  • Shopping windows
  • Windows or glass facades :  in double or triple glazing
  • Overhead projection screen, media support
Laminated glass partition with controlled opacity between bathroom and bedroom

A customizable XXL size

Our maximum manufacturing dimensions are 1450 mm wide and 3500 mm high. These very large dimensions enable you to create large glass partitions par example.

Wi-Fi technology (optional): state-of-the-art smart glazing

Bring innovation into your everyday life and transform your home with a smart glass! Switch between transparency and opacity with a simple gesture, using your phone and a Wi-Fi connection as needed!

The INOVA® Reverse laminated glass is the perfect way to make a space more modern and transform your interior.

It comes with two dedicated mobile apps that let you control its opacity via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz (gigahertz) frequency). So you can easily manage the opacity of the glass remotely. Be sure to check with your internet service provider beforehand to verify the Wi-Fi frequency.

We also supply a remote control with the glazing as an option.

Technical information

  • In OFF mode, the glazing is transparent. In ON mode, the glazing is opaque.
  • Maximum surface area: 15m².
  • Light transmission: 75% ON and 55% OFF
  • Power consumption: 5 Watts/m².
  • Thickness: 13 mm standard (other on request)
  • Can be installed in insulating glass
  • Supplied with transformer according to number of m² of glazing
  • Optional remote control and receiver
  • Optional Wi-Fi control (frequency required: 2.4 ghz (gigahertz))


Composition and installation

The INOVA® Reverse glass is supplied with a 2-meter black and white wire connected to a pre-wired transformer.

We offer 4 different transformers, depending on the number of m² of glass ordered, which can supply up to 15 m² of glass.

All installations must be carried out by an qualified electrician and installed in accordance with current standards. Acetic silicones may not be used. Only neutral silicones may be used.

All connections to the switchable glass have already been made.

For optimal use, it is essential to install it in an environment free from excessive lighting (halogen lamps, grazing light, computer or TV screens, overhead projectors, sunlight).


According to the IQNET, an AFNOR’s partner, our supplier of liquid crystal films complies with the 9001:2008 and the 14001:2004 standards.

Our achievements

opacity glass
Inova Reverse switchable glass for meeting rooms


opacity glass
Inova Reverse switchable glass for meeting rooms


Inova Reverse switchable glass for meeting rooms


Laminated liquid-crystal glass for bathrooms