Glass Manufacturer since 1835

French Manufacturer of Decorative and Technical Laminated Glass


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass brings together a variety of decorative laminated glasses: tempered glasses, printed glasses, broken glasses...

Lead X-Ray Glass, Radiation Glass

A range of technical glasses for all professionals to carry out achievements requiring measurements of construction's legal layout.

Glass Railing

We offer you a glass-railing system that fits perfectly to your available space regardless of its structure.


Glass railing and glass facade: 2019 Achievement

10th July 2019 | News
Discover this new achievement of exterior glass railings and a glass façade for a new construction located in Nancy. Glass…

Glass railing : 4 layout ideas

28th June 2019 | News
A glass-railing is a safety barrier which is more and more popular. Above all, a glass railing is a protective…

Construction of our future extension

28th June 2019 | News
Nine years after moving in its building in Fléville-devant-Nancy, Righetti is expanding through the construction of a new extension. Indeed,…