A glass railing to enhance your spaces

Both safe and aesthetic, a glass railing on profile provides protection from falling into the void, while sublimating space in which it is integrated.

Installing a glass railing on a floor profile, also known as a fixing rail, ensures optimum support for the glass panels and allows the glass railing to blend in completely with the location.

With transparent glass, a glass railing will leave a free and unobstructed view. The opal laminated glass will protect you from prying eyes.

Both elegant and refined, a glass railing on profile will easily sublimate your interior or exterior space: balcony, patio, mezzanine, pool barrier.

Righetti offers a complete, turnkey and performant range of glass railing on profile.

GARDA® 2 : Glass railing on profile TRANSLEVEL® by ONLEVEL

interior glass railing on profile
Glass railing on profile Translevel

The new GARDA® 2 range offers a complete turnkey system including tempered laminated glasses and TRANSLEVEL® by ONLEVEL profile.

This system can be used with a 8.8/2 laminated glass and is suitable for private as well as public applications.

GARDA® 2 glass railings also offer a quick and easy installation.

The Flexfit adjustment tool allows an assembly only on the balcony side and not on the empty side. This installation tool also allows a perfect alignment of the laminated glass panels.

Discover the different solutions of the GARDA® 2 range !

GARDA® 1 : glass railing on profile with SABCO EVO® by SADEV

glass railing on profileThe GARDA® 1 range also offers a complete turnkey system, this time composed of SADEV’s SABCO EVO® profiles.

The GARDA® 1 solution is also validated by a technical advice and can therefore be used for private and public applications.

However, GARDA® 1 offers two installation modes: an installation both on the balcony side and on the outside (validated by the technical advice), but also only on one side.

Discover the GARDA® 1 glass railings and their different mounting possibilities!

EVA tempered laminated glass

bespoke glass railingTo complete these two high-performance solutions, Righetti offers you bespoke tempered laminated glasses.

Our tempered laminated glass panels are assembled using an EVA film that provides the glass railings with high moisture resistance. They can therefore be installed outdoors or in humid environments without any risk of delamination over time.

Finally, for customized glass barrier, our range of decorative laminated glass gives you the possibility to insert various decorative materials, allowing you to customize your glass panels with colours, images, fabrics, LEDs or graphic elements.

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