Glass Frontage: the best option to get a transparent and light facade

Thanks to the amount of extra natural light that a glass frontage can bring, this solution enables you to achieve energy savings.

Glass facades also provide a pleasant feeling of well-being inside a building. We can also offer you a tailor made glass frontage for your building and renovation projects.

Whether you are an individual or a professional customer, we own a wide range of product that is adapted to your needs.

You can choose between several glass types:

Decorative laminated glasses

Thanks to the manufacturing process of laminated glass, you can benefit from a wide creation freedom and create a unique glass frontage.

In fact, it is possible to put between two glass sheets several decorative interlayers such as pictures, colors, color gradations, fabrics, fibers, metallized interlayers or LEDs.

You can contact our engineers. They will work with you to create a bespoke design. Throughout the process, we will keep you fully informed on the costs and time involved for the project.

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EVA Laminated Glass

We are using an EVA film to produce our laminated glasses. Thanks to this manufacturing process, this glass is hydrophobic and presents a high moisture resistance. 

Specifications of our EVA laminated glass:

  • Extensive range of colors on our color chart (more than 150 colors)
  • Incorporation of a printed interlayer or other material of your choice
  • Silkscreen printing possible
  • Maximum width from 1 220 mm to 2 000 mm depending on the material to incorporate
  • Usage of an EVA film: hydrophobic product (moisture resistance) suitable for an external mounting and heat resistance.
  • Standard EN12543: high temperature test, humidity, UV radiation 2000 h

Our installation team is available for you

Our installation service is available for you to install your glass frontage.

This service includes:

  • A feasibility study of your project, calculations, determination of thickness
  • Measurement
  • Installation of glasses with a robot