Discover this stunning achievement of Glass Railings installed at the Joseph Cattin’s House. 

The Cattin Family, which is settled in Voegtlinshoffen in Alsace in the East of France, is dedicated to the culture of vine and the production of wine since 3 centuries. The Cattin Family owns 65 hectares of vines and is one of the biggest alsace family house that is cultivating its own vineyard.

Jacques Cattin, which is the current Manager of the House, chose to offer his visitors an outstanding view of his wine estate through an impressive glass balustrade.

The glass railing offers a clear view while ensuring the safety of its users.

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GARDA A: Glass-Railing with Profile Fixing

Our client chose our complete solution of Glass Balustrade GARDA A which includes both the glazing and the profile fixing system.

This achievement was carried out with Classica toughened laminated glass assembled with an EVA hydrophobic film. Thanks to the manufacturing process of EVA laminated glass, the Glass Railings can be built outside or in a humid environment and do not present any risk of delamination over time.

This solution is approved by the technical advice n° 2/15-1673 from the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction). A technical advice guarantees the overall compliance from the glass and the associated fixing system.

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