Glass has become an essential part of architecture in our daily lives. To go even further, manufacturers developed intelligent glasses with innovative properties. Indeed, whatever their characteristics, they can be modified mechanically or automatically to provide more comfort to its users. Switchable glass is the perfect example for that.

What is a switchable glass?

Switchable glass is also known as opacifying glass. This is an innovative glass that changes state from transparent to translucent thanks to a simple electric current. This glass is actually an hydrophobic EVA laminated glass with a liquid crystal polyester film.

Liquid crystals line up with an electric pulse, it makes the glass transparent. It takes the appearance and functions of a traditional glass. In OFF position, the opacity glass becomes opaque again while allowing light to pass through it.

Advantages of this type of glass

This intelligent glass offers many advantages and innovative perspectives in your interior’s layout.

The first advantage of switchable glass is its almost instant reversibility. This glass changes from opaque to transparent whenever you want.

Opacifying glass is also adapted to public places. Indeed, this glass complies with the desired thermal and acoustic performances. This glass also complies with safety and fire protection.

The controlled opacification glass then makes it possible to modify the perception of space and to play with volumes. It also brings a contemporary and high-tech touch to the interior design.

Lastly, this glass has a low power consumption. Its modularity allows to avoid the installation of films, blinds, curtains and various classic blackout curtain.

Where can you install a switchable glass ?

Thanks to its reversibility, controlled opacity glass is suitable for many places.

In office buildings, it will be ideal for meeting or conference rooms where you can use it as a projection support.

This glass is also suitable for public places, such as restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices or shops.

Lastly, glass with controlled opacity is also suitable for private spaces and can be installed as a partition, a door or a window.

Moreover, a controlled opacity glass is available in various forms, like traditional glass: as a glass partition, as an interior door, as a glass facade or as a glass floor slab.

Righetti is at your disposal to manufacture your bespoke glass, but also the installation of your controlled opacity glass. Three different shades are available to suit all your needs. Discover it here


Switchable glass for a conference room
Opacifying glass for a conference room
Switchable glass for a meeting room
Controlled opacity glass for a meeting room


Intelligent glass switchable glass meeting room
Intelligent glass switchable glass meeting room
LCD glass switchable glass
LCD glass switchable glass
Opacitying glass partition
Opacitying glass partition
Switchable glass partition wall
Switchable glass partition wall