Inova Laminated Glass : an Intelligent and Innovative Glass Range

Our Inova Laminated Glass range is composed of multiple products: 

  • Inova 3D Design

    Inova 3D Design

    The INOVA 3D DESIGN glass is the perfect match between glass and LED technology.

    The combination of the INOVA 3D DESIGN glass and a LED lighting provides a three-dimensional effect with an extraordinary relief and depth sensation.

    By changing the glass and LEDs positions, you can create different effects depending on the desired outcome and the amount of space available for your installation.

    The technology wthat we are using for the INOVA 3D design allows you to change its decorative effect as well as its color. This glass enables you to set up original bright animations.


    • Kitchen splashback
    • Ceiling
    • Furniture (table, chest of drawers’ top…)
    • Communication and signages
    • Wall light
    • Partition
    • Glass floor
    • Glass stairs

    Material library

    You can choose between the following finish options:

  • Inova LED

    Inova LED

    Inova LED is an EVA laminated glass with a LED interlayer.

    LC (classic LEDs): LEDs are installed inside the laminated glass according to your drawings or logos and give a decorative effect that is slightly enlightening your room.

    LEDs are distributed according to your plan and your desired design.

    Technical features :

    • Incorporation of white LEDs or RGB LEDS according to your request
    • Maximum width: 1300 mm
    • 30 LEDs are equivalent to 1 watt-LED
    • LEDs made in EUROPE

    Applications :

    • Kitchen splashback
    • Ceiling
    • Furniture (table, chest of drawers’ top…)
    • Communication and signages
    • Wall light
    • Partition
    • Glass floor
    • Glass stairs
  • Inova switchable glass

    Inova Switchable Glass

    Inova switchable glasses are produced with EVA laminated glasses according to an assembling process that consists in puting a liquid-crystal interlayer between two glass sheets.

    The electric current makes the glass change from an opaque to a transparent state.

    In «on»-position, the liquid crystals are oriented in the same direction, the glass becomes entirely transparent and provides visibility.

    In «off»-position, the liquid crystals are disoriented and located randomly, the glass becomes opaque and blocks vision through it.

    Technical information

    See things big with our XXL version of Inova switchable glass! The maximum size of this glass is 1800 mm x 3500 mm.


    According to the IQNET organization, which is a partner of the AFNOR organization, our liquid-crystal supplier is in compliance with the 9001:2008 and the 14001:2004 standards.


  • Inova Vision

    Inova Vision

    The INOVA Vision range offers a unique way to control visibility with different angles. If you change your viewing angle, the glass changes its aspect from transparent to blurred.

    This innovative glass is a great way to control visibilty, whether in an office building or inside your home.

    We can offer two types of opacity angles:


    Nota : this glass can only be placed horizontally.