A sliding interior glass door is more and more popular in modern architecture and is a real added value in the construction or renovation of a house.

Both discreet and functional, the sliding glass door makes it possible to optimize space by eliminating the moving surface of conventional doors.

It also makes it possible to save square metres and to walk more easily between different rooms.

Moreover, the glass door fits anywhere in the house. Open, it allows two rooms to be joined together and creates a large space. When closed, it offers privacy and sound proofing.

In addition, a glass door offers several additional advantages. A glass door allows spaces to be partitioned while allowing natural light to circulate.

The sliding interior glass door is also a clever solution to bring lightness and modernity to a decoration.

The glass door is a nice way to customize your interior thanks to a wide choice of glazing.

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The transparent or translucent glass door

The transparent glass door is ideal for partitioning rooms without losing space and light.

Transparent glass will be perfect for separating a living room, a kitchen or an office, in order to limit noise pollution or cooking odors, while preserving natural light.

Frosted glass also allows light to pass through while preserving privacy. These decorative glasses are perfect for a bedroom or a bathroom.

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The reflective sliding glass door

A glass with a mirror effect is ideal for partitioning while enlarging spaces. Reflective glass will also bring great brightness to any room.

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The sliding door made of image glass or tinted glass

A sliding glass door will bring colors to an interior. It is also possible to incorporate a colored film or a personalized image into the glass itself.

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The decorative glass door

Finally, it is possible to customize your sliding glass door with decorative laminated glass.

These decorative glasses will allow you to choose from a wide choice of decorative materials.

It will then be possible to insert fabric, Japanese paper, synthetic grass, a LED lighting, opaque film, metallic mesh film or graphic elements between the two glass plates.

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