Office glass partitions have become one of the most popular elements in companies. They promote the creation of an open and friendly work space.

Discover this installation of adjustable glass partitions within a Parisian office with a pop and modern look. This “hub” designed in flex office, makes it possible to set up an exchange system and encourage collaboration and co-creativity. The installation of glass partitions is therefore ideal to support this collaboration’s type.

First, this project produced in partnership with Atelier Interior is made up of glass partitions in transparent laminated glass, but also switchable glasses in collective spaces. Window stickers personalized glasses and brought a friendly and original touch.  The edge-to-edge finish provides a contemporary look and avoid using visible fixing systems.

Atelier Interior has been specialized in the production of high-end modular partitions and independent bubbles for more than 37 years. They offer innovative solutions allowing the creation of performant and attractive work environments.

The office glass partition : an asset in favor of well-being and work effectiveness

Office glass partitions have become the perfect tool to fully optimize the comfort of a professional space and the productivity of employees.

Firstly, these glass partitions allow to separate spaces without creating a feeling of isolation. In this way, each employee can enjoy the privacy of a personal office without being visually cut off from the rest of the company and its activity. The glass partition also allows the occupant to benefit from optimal acoustic comfort.

Second, a transparent glass partition allows natural light to circulate in all spaces. Indeed, light is essential to improve visual comfort as well as well-being and work effectiveness.

Moreover, transparency allows to visually enlarge spaces and give depth to different work rooms. Natural light offers a warm, friendly and studious atmosphere.

Lastly, the installation of glass partitions makes it possible to create an open and collaborative work space. Transparency can help along creating exchanges between employees and teamwork.

The glass office partition: at the service of space and company management

A glass partition is also an excellent modern tool that allows structuring different work spaces. In addition to offices, glass surfaces are ideal for workshops, bright and quiet relaxation areas, or public reception rooms.

Switchable glass, that can also be called controlled opacity glass, is also an innovative way to manage collective spaces easier. Switchable glasses allow to modulate transparency and partition opacity according to the situation.

Made of a liquid crystal film, opacifying glass is an intelligent glass that changes state from transparent to translucent thanks to a simple electric current. The switchable glass partition is therefore ideal to manage the privacy of a meeting or relaxation area.

Finally, glass is a modular material that can be used to bring a company’s visual identity to life. The personalization of glass partitions is thus possible thanks to a wide choice of finishes. Our decorative laminated glass range allows the insertion of various decorative materials within the glass itself: colors, images, fabrics, Japanese papers, LED lighting, liquid crystal film…

This large choice of colors and textures gives each company or institution the possibility to customize its work spaces how they want.

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