Why choose glass partitions in offices?

The main advantage of a glass partition is that it separates spaces while allowing natural light to diffuse itself. That is why it is ideal to install a glass partition in a workspace.

Glass partitions have many advantages concerning a work area layout:

  • A glass partition can maintain a certain warmth between coworkers by encouraging exchanges and team work.
  • It allows to preserve a certain intimacy and offer soundproofed spaces
  • Glass partitions offer natural light and a clear view to the outside, which is good for health and well-being.

Choosing a glass which is adapted to the desired atmosphere can improve the well-being of the occupants and their efficiency at work. It is also possible to customize your glass partition: transparent, translucent, opaque, decorative or sandblasted with your company’s logo… Anything is possible.

What type of glass shoud you choose for your office glass partitions?

Decorative laminated glass for a decorative effect

Our decorative laminated glass range can allow you to get a unique and customized glass partition for an outstanding decorative effect that fits the image of your company.

In fact, decorative laminated glass allows the insertion of decorative materials between two glass sheets such as images, color gradation, crash glass, fabrics, synthetic grass, metallized films or LED lighting.

Switchable Glass

Being able to modulate the transparency of a glass partition according to certain circumstances can be useful, especially in meeting spaces. Therefore, we can offer you an INOVA switchable laminated glass.

This glass changes on command automatically from opaque to transparent.

Glass partition in an office building in Nancy (France)

Discover our achievement of transparent and translucent glass partitions within an office building in Nancy.