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  • INOVA Switchable Glass

Our INOVA Switchable Glass range is composed of laminated glasses containing Evasafe® films. They are manufactured with a process which encapsulates a liquid crystal polyester film between two glass sheets.

Switchable-Glass-2 Switchable-Glass
Inova switchable glass position on                      Inova switchable glass position off


Our INOVA range laminated glasses containing Evasafe® films with incorporation LEDS.

Inova LED


The combination of glass and a LED lighting provides a three-dimensional effect with an exceptionnal sensation of relief and depth. By changing the glass’ and LEDs positions, you can create an infinite number of different effects depending on how you want it to be. The technology we use for the inova 3d design allows you to play with the effect obtained, but also its color, and offers you the opportunity to set up original bright animations.

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The INOVA Vision range offers an unique way to control the view under different angles. If you change your view angle, the glass will change its aspect from transparent to blurred.

This innovative new glass becomes so a great way to control the visibilty, whether in an office building or within your home.

Applying film to a window allows controlled privacy and creates a unique effect.