Lacquered Glass: New Collection 2018


Righetti continues to beautify your interior with its new collection of Standard Lacquerware from Planilaque Color-it range by Saint-Gobain.

Discover it now! Obtained through the application of an organic paint on one side of the glass, the Lacquered Glass offers an incomparable finish, combining shine and opacity.

It allows to give depth and character to a small kitchen when placed as splashback. As a bonus, it is inorganic and neutral in VOC (volatile organic compound), making it healthy for the home and the place where meals are prepared.

Lacquered Glass is not only suitable for kitchen splashbacks, but also for many applications: • Partitions and wall coverings

  • Shelves and store displays
  • Furniture
  • Wardrobe doors or sliding doors

The new 2018 Planilaque Color-It collection from Saint-Gobain is built around 4 trends that make you want to innovate and create. Dare the color with this variation of 21 shades unpublished, available in 6mm! You will have the choice between 4 families of colors: pastel tones, warm, sophisticated and cold.