It is now proved that replacing an old window is an efficient way to improve energy efficiency ! 

The ADEME¹ CSTB² study³ assessed the energy impact on thirty renovations including insulation works of opaque and glass walls.

They carried out simulations on a large number of representative accommodations to assess the energy consumption before and after their renovations in order to calculate the amount of savings that were generated.

Consequences of insulating renovations of glass walls are clear: energy savings on 1m² of an efficient window compared to an old window with a single-glazing is similar to the energy savings that can be generated from 1m² of walls or loft insulation.

The ADEME/CSTB study answers technical debates about that matter and proves that replacing its windows is as efficient as other insulating works.

Replacing old windows is the most common insulating work that french people choose. Apart from generating heating savings, this renovation work also cuts down draughts, cold wall sensations, it improves visual and acoustic comfort while increasing the green value of the accommodation.

insulating glass made to measures frontage

Righetti’s solutions

Insulating glasses that suit your needs

Righetti offers a wide range of Insulating Glasses. Our insulating glass is made of two or three glasses, including one with a low-emission coating. A low-emission glass is filled with argon gas that provides you with a perfect isolation while limiting the loss of heat from inside to outside.

The combination of different glasses provides you with a solution that meet your needs by:

  • Improving thermal insulation
  • Reducing the heat input in summer
  • Improving acoustic insulation
  • Reinforce people’s safety
  • Making your glasses’ maintenance easier
  • Customize your glasses

We can offer you different types of double glazing:

  • With a low-emission coating
  • Decorative double glazing
  • Solar control
  • Safety insulating glass with 1 or 2 laminated glasses
  • Acoustic
  • Triple glazing

double glazing made to measure entry doorinstallation isulating glass big dimensions







Our installation team is available for you

Our installation service is available for you to install your glass façade.

This service includes:

  • Feasibility study of your project, calculations, determination of thickness
  • Measurements
  • Installation of glasses with a robot


¹ ADME = French Agency for Environment and Energy Management

² CSTB = French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building

³ Study carried out between December 2017 and March 2018 on the DGEC request (French Directorate General for Energy and Climate) and the DHUP (Frenchoffice for urban planning, housing and landscape)