A glass-railing is a safety barrier which is more and more popular.

Above all, a glass railing is a protective railing which prevents its users from falling.

However, thanks to its elegant look, in addition to its safety role, a bespoke glass handrail is also a design element. Its transparency offers a stunning view on the landscape and brings a very refined contemporary touch.

Our glass guardrail are made of tempered laminated glass. They are safety glasses with a high impact resistance. Our laminated glasses are assembled with EVA hydrophobic films that don’t present any delaminating risk over time unlike PVB. Discover our glass railing product range and its fixing systems.

Here are 4 layout ideas of glass barriers:

Safety glass barrier for swimming pool and patio

A glass barrier is the ideal solution to use it as a pool fence or a safety barrier for a patio.

Thanks to its installation over its entire height, the glass guardrail is impassable and therefore provides effective protection.

Moreover, a safety barrier will make your exterior more beautiful, it also provides a clear view over your pool.

Glass balcony balustrade

The glass railing is also perfect to secure a balcony. In addition to providing protection, a glass balustrade has the advantage of allowing light to pass through it.

In addition, installing a glass guardrail on profile offers an almost unobstructed panoramic view. You can also opt for a glass handrail on an embedded profile, it will give the impression that the glass is coming directly out of the ground.

Glass guardrail : an elegant staircase handrail

A glass handrail can also be used to decorate a staircase railing.

Thanks to a glass stair railing, youcan create an open and luminous interiors.

A glass staircase railing on a low profile will bring a contemporary and refined style to a home.

A glass railing to secure a landing or a mezzanine

Lastly, a mezzanine or a landing usually overlooks the void and therefore requires protection. In addition to protecting against possible falls, a glass guardrail will also allow light to pass through the upper floor.