bespoke glass frontageWhy chose a glass frontage ?

First of all, a glass facade is an effective, aesthetic and innovative solution for a workspace. Its transparency and its safety properties make glass the perfect material for a façade. Next,a glass frontage also owns many advantages for a workplace.

Adequate lighting

The principal advantage of a glass facade is that it can bring a good lighting for an efficient workplace.

Indeed, light is an efficient element within a workplace which plays a role concerning health, well-being and effectiveness of its occupants.

As a matter of fact, lighting at work aims to make it easier to perform a task. With a good level of illumination, the number of errors and accidents decreases, visual fatigue is reduced.

It is therefore very important to pay particular attention to its lighting for optimal productivity. A glass facade is therefore the ideal material to diffuse as much natural light as possible.

Ideal to make energy savings

A glass facade cladding then offers the possibility to save energy by limiting the need for artificial lighting. Besides, it will also create a more environmentally friendly working environment.

A glass facade that reflects your company’s imageglass frontage in laminated glass

Lastly, thanks to glass innovations, it will then be possible to customize your façade so that it reflects your company’s image. In fact, thanks to our laminating process, you can customize your glass frontage with your logo, your graphic charter or with different motives or decorative materials. A glass frontage becomes a communication element.

Decorative laminated glass for your glass frontage

Laminated glass is appreciated by architects for its modular nature, it offers great creative freedom. It allows you to customize a glass facade to add an original touch to a building.

Righetti, which is specialized in the production of laminated glass, created a decorative and unique glass product range. It is also possible to incorporate between two glass sheets various decorative elements. For example, you can incorporate crash glass, digital printing, mesh, color, shading, Japanese paper, LED lighting…

This production technique allows to manufacture products with unique designs which are adapted to your needs. Creation possibilities are endless! Discover our different collections :


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