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Lead glass is a glass providing a high quality protection against x-rays, with high lead/barium content and amber colour.

It is the perfect solution for a protective shield against x-ray radiation in medical, technical and research application.

Our lead glass has many advantages :

  • Protection against gamma rays and X-rays
  • Available in any geometric shape
  • Available in laminated glass and insulating glass (lead side in inside of building)

We can use it for every imaginable requirement. Lead glass can also turn into switchable glass, by combining the glass with  LCD interlayers. With a single push of the button in “on” position, the glass becomes transparent, in «off» position the glass becomes opaque and blocks vision through it.

We can supply a variety of standard sizes and thicknesses of lead glass to meet the needs of nearly any application. Below our lead glasses available with short delivery:

Thickness in mm

X-Ray Peak Voltage (KV) / Lead Equiv. (mmPb)

Size in mm


80kV 100kV 110kV 150kV 200kV
7 – 8,5 2,3 2,3 2,3 2,0 1,8 2745 x 1375 40,8
8,5  – 10 2,8 2,8 2,8 2,6 2,1 2135 x 1220 48
11- 13 N/A 3,5 3,6 3,2 2,7 2440 x 1220 62,4

Our lead glass has been designed to provide an excellent radiation shielding and to be used in any medical or technical research application.

Place of use
Leaded glass can be used in :

  • X-ray rooms
  • Operating theatres
  • Radiation therapy rooms
  • Dental clinics
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Laboratories and for materials testing

xray-glass-radiation-glass-1 xray-glass-radiation-glass-2 xray-glass-radiation-glass-3


Lead glass can be turned into :

  • Windows
  • Intercommunication windows
  • Door glazing
  • Panoramic glazing
  • Mobile shielding protection
  • Protection panels for check-up systems

xray-glass-radiation-glass-4 xray-glass-radiation-glass-5